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Matching Your Ties

Matching Your Ties to Your Shirts

Your Shirts

By Val McQueen

It can sometimes be hard work to try and match a neck tie and shirt when you are like me and have very little in the way of fashion sense. It can be very easy to pick the wrong tie and look quite foolish without realizing it.

Neck ties are not as bad as many other clothes when it comes to changing style but every so often the styles do inevitably change. Today the style is to have a mid sized tie with a small knot whereas a few years ago it was a broad looking tie with a very large knot.

Choosing the right color tie can be a significant step when matching it to your shirt. It may feel a safe choice but choosing a neck tie that is an exact match in color to your shirt is not something that the fashion conscious would wear.

Try wearing a shirt that has two or more colors and pick out the main color of the shirt. Then you can match the tie to this color for a better fashion statement. One example would be a shirt with white and brown in it could look quite good with a brown tie.

Mixtures of patterns can work well with shirts and ties too. Larger patterns on ties would go great with smaller pattern on the shirt.

In the same way ties with smaller patterns on them may match shirts with a larger pattern on them.

Shirt collars come in various sizes too and this can play a part in what tie you can wear with them. It would be quite a silly move to wear a thick tie and large knot if the shirt only had a narrow collar on it. In the same way it would look silly having a mid sized tie and small knot that is being drowned by a thick collar.

GQ and Esquire magazines can be a good way of keeping your nose in front when it comes to the latest fashion. By reading things like this you could always know what is in fashion at any certain period in time.


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