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Runner’s High

How to Willingly Get the Runner’s High

Get the Runner’s High

By John Mentis

So you have been on a treadmill for thirty minutes and well you have never had runners high. And you are wondering what it is and how to achieve it.

The high you get from running tends to be a random experience and cannot be duplicated at will and even those who tend to get them can not get them at will or have them often.

The explanation for the runners high is that at a certain place and point in a run the body over exerts itself and the body produces end endorphins. This release of hormones tends to give the runner an intense feeling of ecstasy. This high tends to happen in several different functions like running, sex and any other exercise.

In fact a high is felt in any activity where there is sever focus and the common element in this focus is the absence of the self or ego. The problem is that when the ego is absent there is a high, however the desire to get this high involves the use of there ego, so the runners high becomes a paradox of sorts, the more you seek it the harder it is to attain., this is because you need a mind to desire or want this high.

When you run and you get this high, you tend to forget yourself, the run, the runner and running becomes one and the sad part about all of this is that the high is never experienced. You only know you have had a high after the fact and not during. If you know you are getting a high. This knowing destroys the high.

In the case of exercise (particularly running) whenever I’ve experienced a runner’s high it was less of a “high” and more of a feeling of intense focus. The initial physical discomfort of running sort of melted away and you just get in a “groove.” It actually is sort of that phase that you hit after you’ve gotten warmed up — which can take 10-15 minutes sometimes.

The runners high tends to occur when you are so exhausted the mind switches off and it is forgotten. You usually tend to get it the more often you run, if you run every day or at least an hour a day you will be more likely to achieve this state.

There is a certain way of achieving the runners high and that is to quite the mind. If you can forget the mind you will get the high. Meditation has been known to do this and love making has also been able to produce the high at will. If you look closely you will see that in all these acts there is the complete absence of the mind at that moment and the high is only witnessed after the fact.


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