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Learn About What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes and How to Effectively Get Rid of It

Learn About What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes

By Ingrid Palmer

Let us take a look at what causes dark circles under your eyes to develop. Knowing the real cause of this kind of skin condition can help you find the right solution for the problem.

Here are some factors that can lead to some common skin disorders.

Nutritional Deficiency – Lack of nutrients can lead to anemia which can make you look pale. Paleness on the skin makes the blood vessels visible under the skin especially around the eye area which is the thinnest.

The thinner the skin the more the blood vessels under the skin will be. Pregnant women experience paleness maybe because of lack of iron in their diet.

Tissues rich in oxygen look pinkish. The lack of essential nutrients can cause dark circles under the eye area.

Allergies – Food allergies can give shadowy color on your skin. It can also cause eye irritation. Some allergies are triggered by dust, dog dander, cat hair and many others. Rubbing and scratching your eyes can worsen the problem.

Drugs – Some drug prescriptions can also trigger dark circle under your eyes. If it dilates the blood vessels then it can make them more visible. Some of these vasodilators are nitric oxide, Viagra, prostacyline, and adenosine. Some compounds that are already present in your body can also function as vasodilators. Some of these are prostaglandins, histamine, and nor-adrenaline.

Some nutrients can dilate your blood vessels but this is in your advantage in most cases to prevent the risk of blood clotting and obstruction. However, too much intake of theobromine and niacin can lead to health problem.

Lifestyle – Working at night and having fun the entire night, lack of sleep, too much alcohol, cigarette smoking can cause dark circles under your eyes.

The Solution – The solution to eliminate dark circles undereyes and bags were intended for celebrities and was kept secret for a long time. At present, anyone can enjoy what most celebrities have enjoyed when it comes to skin solution.

You can correct skin problems in the eye area by using products having Eyeliss and Haloxyl that many celebrities have used.


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