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Starcraft 2

Best Zerg Units in Starcraft 2

very effective Infestor ability

By Danny Jobes

The best Zerg units in Starcraft 2 are the Infestor, the Hydralisk, and the Mutalisk. In this article, I will discuss how to maximize the usefulness of each of these units.


The Infestor is by far my favorite Zerg unit in Starcraft 2. The Infestor has several powerful abilities which significantly improve the strength of the Zerg race as a whole. Fungal Growth is incredibly powerful and can seriously damage a dozen units with ease and prevent the enemy from fleeing. You can also use Fungal Growth on the enemy and then retreat. By repeatedly using Fungal Growth and then running away, players can whittle down even very large armies.

Infested Terran is also a very effective Infestor ability. The Infested Terran spell has a very low cost and players can use Infestors to spit out dozens of Infested Terrans which deal a lot of damage and act as tanks by absorbing enemy attacks. This ability is particularly effective versus other Zerg players. Once you spawn Infested Terrans, use Fungal Growth to prevent the enemy from running away from your newly spawned units.

Finally, the Infestor has a mind control ability known as Neural Parasite. This is absolutely devastating to the opponent when used on a large unit. In particular, try to target units that cost more supplies than the Infestor itself (Immortals, Thors, Colossi, Brood Lords). This is most effective versus Terran and Protoss players as Zerg players do not have many units that are worth hijacking.


The Hydralisk is one of the most poorly understood Zerg units yet it is also one of the best Zerg units in Starcraft 2. At first glance, the Hydralisk seems very weak due to its relatively high supply count (2), weak attack (12 damage) and low HP total (90). However, this is misleading as the Hydralisk has a very high attack speed, which allows it to actually dish out massive damage.

The key to using Hydralisks is to prevent them from taking too much damage; these units are glass cannons and cannot handle much pressure. Use Roaches to lead your Hydralisks into battle so your Hydralisks can attack from afar. Additionally, use Corruptors to save your Hydralisks from Colossi, Carriers, and Battlecruisers.


While the Mutalisk may not jump out as being one of the best Zerg units in Starcraft 2, this unit is actually quite powerful. It is very effective versus both air and ground units, can be built early in the game, has a high speed, high HP (120) and deals splash damage. As a result, the Mutalisk can quickly run circles around an enemy’s troops and deal significant damage in the process.

Its high HP total allows it to stand up in combat versus typical anti-air units like Vikings, Marines, and Stalkers. Additionally, its splash damage makes the Mutalisk great for picking off harvesters with rapid speed. For best results, use a pack of Mutalisks to wreck havoc on the enemy mineral line and to defend your own mineral line from harassment.


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