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Installing AC Stairlifts

Advantages of Installing AC Stairlifts

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By Jason M. Tate

The stairlifts are one of the most accessible and safe mobility aids developed for people with limited mobility and handicaps. Not only does it provide the safest solutions for going up and down the stairs when you have ailments or physical disabilities that render you unable to flex your knees or climb stairs. With new technological advancements, stairlifts have undergone exemplary changes that have created a variety of models with distinct features to suit all requirements.

One of the best choices for stairlifts is AC powered stairlifts that are designed for home use due to the safety and convenience of use. These are provided with automatic sensors that can sense obstructions preventing damages and injuries. With seat belts, swivel seats and unique features that aid a person with disabilities, AC stairlifts facilitates faster yet comfortable descends and ascends on the stairs at different floors.

Usually stairlifts have a maximum capacity of 300 pounds so check with the stairlift technician or company representative, if you intend buying the stairlift for a large sized person. Most of the stairlifts have foldable chair seat to avoid any encumbering on the stairs. Additionally, AC powered stairlifts are affordable and you never have the hassle of changing or charging batteries every few weeks. With lower maintenance costs and equal efficiency as the DC powered lift, buying an AC stairlift makes practical sense.

However, before you plan on buying a stairlift make sure you assess the needs of the person, frequency of usage and consider the budget. You will also need to keep the stairlifts brand in focus to enjoy superior quality product and better customer service. Acorn, Stannah, Brooks are some of the leading stairlift manufacturers and you may browse online to compare and save when you buy a stairlift.


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