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Wartrol Cream

Wartrol Cream – Why You Are Wasting Your Time Looking For Wartrol Cream

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By Jacob Leeson

I’m imaging if you’re reading this article, you’re under the impression that somewhere you’re going to be able to get a hold of some Wartrol cream. Let me be the first to tell you that currently there the ingredients that make up the Wartrol remedy, do not exist in a cream or lotion.

Instead they can only be used in a homoeopathic remedy due to a potential risk associated to some of them. Homoeopathic remedies however are highly diluted substances that have been designed to contain a safe amount of each ingredient for human consumption.

If Not A Wartrol Cream Then What?

Well even though Wartrol doesn’t come in a cream, it still is one of the most effective long-term, natural treatment methods for genital warts. It’s very important to remember that using a remedy like Wartrol will mean a short period where little effects can be seen.

With that in mind, it’s important to have on hand a short term response treatment as well. Wartrol will reduce the severity of future flare-ups, however it is not a complete solution and will not cure your genital warts. There is currently know known cure for HPV so don’t go looking for one.

Instead you should constantly be thinking about the best ways to keep your warts suppressed and using a remedy such as Wartrol is a good way of doing this.

Instead of a Wartrol Cream, What’s The Next Best Solution?

As there is currently no Wartrol cream available, you’re next best option is to go with a topical cream such as Aldara. Aldara is a steroidal treatment, therefore you should only apply this cream when outbreaks become too hard to handle.

It will bring down inflammation rapidly, however it isn’t recommended you apply it often as some of the ingredients can be harmful to the body. It’s no wonder why this is the case, when you consider that Aldara is a pharmaceutical product.

Sticking mostly to natural treatments methods should be your preferred preference as there is no chance of any of the ingredients harming your body in any way.

The best advice you can get would be to intake a remedy such as Wartrol once a day to help allow the body to better fight off outbreaks of HPV and to keep a tube of Aldara or another steroidal cream handy just in case you get a severe outbreak during times of illness when the body finds it harder to fight off the disease.


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