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Let Your Posters

Let Your Posters Give You the Edge

Pleasure of sunbathing bodies…

By Martha Killian

If you aim for your poster prints to succeed, there are several factors to be considered — your poster’s design, style, images and of course the message that you want to communicate to your audience. To grab the attention of your readers, it is important for your poster to be eye-catching, interesting and easy to read.

However, you need to know that design is truly a crucial element of your poster. You may have crafted your message well but if your design is dull and unexciting, do not expect your message to successfully get through. Remember that before your message is read by your target audience, the very first thing that catches their sight is the design of your poster. And that design sets the very first impression that your audience will have about you. For a design to be considered effective, it should help your audience further understand the message you want to say. Furthermore, your design establishes your distinctiveness among the rest.

Successful poster printing entails perfection (if there is such a thing) — making your poster prints as perfect as they can be, which means it is printed with no flaws and mistakes. So what are the most common mistakes that people do when printing posters? The following information will shed light to your apprehensions about poster printing and will help you develop effective and cost-efficient posters.

Businessmen often tend to put too much information on the main message of their posters. What happens therefore is a crowded material which people may not find engaging. Would you be caught reading a lengthy, muddled material? Of course not. You would rather read something short, snappy and exciting. So if you want your poster prints to be read, get rid of unnecessary words and images. Eradicate your logo if it grabs more attention than your main message – the point is your logo should not compete with your message. Also, avoid using too many graphic elements that would make your posters over-decorated and chaotic.

People also tend to forget about using “space” among the content of their posters. These spaces actually serve as “breathing space” for their readers who are trying to absorb the content of the poster. This will make your message easier to read and more pleasing to look at. Using spaces in your headline can also create that much-needed impact and drama which would otherwise be absent if you have a messy content.

The use of unnecessary graphic elements can also make your posters confusing to your readers. Don’t forget that graphics should be used to enhance the over-all presentation of your poster. But too much of these can do your poster more harm than good. All these graphic elements can conquer your message, which means your message does not get noticed in the midst of all the other images in the design that distract your audience.

Relevant to this, it is not advisable to put too many colors on your poster design. True, colors play a vital role in capturing people’s attention. But too much of it, just like graphic elements, can hamper the impact of your message.

Your poster printing will bring you to the top if you always keep your message at the center of everything. Never overdo your design as it will divert your reader’s attention away from your message. Make sure that the design of your poster complements your message and does not steal the spotlight.


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