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Paid Survey Money

Top Secrets to Boost Your Paid Survey Money

Delighted if you have a lot of money

By Alan Sahu

If you involve in paid surveys to make money online, you must know the tactics to boost your survey money. Taking surveys is famous in these days to earn some extra money. But, often people are not able to make much money with paid surveys. If you invest a little extra time to know about online surveys, then you will be able to earn big survey money.

Here are the secrets to boost your survey money:

#1. Join Focus Groups: – Participating in focus groups is much better than taking online surveys. Search focus groups in your location and join all of those focus groups. In focus groups, each discussion takes 1 hour to 2 hours. And for each discussion you will get $50 to $130, or sometimes more. So, by investing one hour you can make hundred dollars, much worth for your spare time.

# 2. Take Phone Surveys: – There are lots of legitimate paid survey sites which are willing to take surveys by phone if you allow them. Normally people avoid phone surveys; they hesitate to talk with a real person. But remember that phone surveys complete in shorter time and give higher amount. Check your profile on each survey site and allow them for taking phone surveys.

# 3. Be Honest: – Being honest is top most secret for increasing survey money. Remember that those sites are not fool, they have their own system to check your honesty. Don’t try to make them fool. They offer more surveys to their honest members and they avoid cheaters. Normally, some of their questions check your honestly. If they get that you are delivering wrong information, they stop that survey immediately.

# 4. Refer others: – Referring others is the best way to increase your survey money. It will give you residual income. If you make some efforts for referring other people to those sites, you will see much benefit of this. Normally you will get a percentage of your referrals’ earning and sometimes you will get $2 to$5 for each referral you made. Tell your Facebook friends about this money making opportunity and make lots of referrals.

Use these tips to increase your money on survey sites. Plenty of people are making decent extra income by just doing a few extra things on online surveys. Maybe you will be one of them. But remember, you will not be able to increase your money if you don’t try.


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