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Hiring Freelancers

Honesty is the key to successful cooperation

By Stephen Law

It’s never been a better time to find quality freelance workers to help you fulfill needs at your company. Freelancing had already been gaining in popularity for professionals before the economic downturn, but now the recession has forced millions of otherwise full-time workers into the freelance market. Companies looking for good freelance workers now have a wide range of options.

Hiring freelancers can be a huge advantage for businesses as it can greatly reduce costs while increasing flexibility. Instead of keeping a full-time worker on your payroll, you can simply hire freelancers for individual projects, such as building a website. Often times this freelancer could have much more expertise and experience with something than a full-time employee who has many different tasks.

Hiring freelance workers can save money in other ways as well. Freelance workers do not receive health care and other benefits. Your company is also not responsible for paying their Social Security and Medicare taxes, or for offering unemployment benefits. At the end of the year, instead of filing a W-2, independent contractors should receive a 1099 form. The IRS provides a FAQ on the 1099 Form on their website.

So you have a project that requires a skill that is not present in your company, and now you must find a freelancer to fill that need. Luckily, there are now literally millions of options for companies trying to find freelance workers. That has been aided by the rise of the Internet that led to a huge improvement in communication between companies and freelance workers. There are thousands of websites out there that list freelancers looking for work. You can post your freelance job offer and receive bids on the work. This is also a way to save money because it will drive down the price if there are competitive bids.


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