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Approach Women

An Easy Way to Approach Women

Let's ... I'm ready to encouraged ..!

By Deon Du Plessis

The fear of approaching women is something that all guys have. In reality its not the fear of approaching women, but rather the fear of rejection that keeps us from walking up to those girls that we’d really like to meet. How many times have you seen an amazing girl, but the fear of rejection keeps you from walking up introducing yourself.

Attractive women have to deal with a lot of creeps. In fact, they see virtually all guys as potential creeps and unless you distinguish yourself you will automatically be classed as “one of them”. So, how do you just walk up to a girls and start talking to her without getting rejected? Is there a magic strategy that makes it easy?

The answer is both yes and no. There is no real magic formula for what to say or what to do, but there is a magic formula in your approach. The real secret is to never walk up to a girl with the intention of “chatting her up” as this intention will be written all over your face and your body language. Women instinctively put up their guard when a guy like that walks over.

Instead, your entire attitude has to be different. it should be one of “lets go and make a friend” instead and you should always treat a girl like someone you’d want to be friends with first and foremost. Women pick up on this immediately and it really makes them open up and allows you in. This will also put you at easy as it takes the pressure of romantic rejection off your shoulders.

Although there is a time and a place for flirting, 99.% of guys cannot pull it off. Approaching women with a friendship attitude breaks down all the barriers and will help you connect with women on a level where they become open to you regardless of how you look.


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