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Symptoms of Tinnitus

Some of the Symptoms of Tinnitus

Watch out … Do not shout, I’ll go mad

By Stanley Schwartz

The tinnitus condition, or sometimes most people call it the ringing of the ears, is a condition when a person hears ringing, hissing, buzzing, whistling, or some other sounds in their ears without the outside stimulation of sounds. Some people can hear more complex and complicated sounds that vary from time to time and can also come and go for some people. The sounds that they can hear can be intermittent, or continuous, or sometimes pulsating just like their heart beat. The pulsating sound may be the result of blocked artery, a tumor in the blood vessel, or other disorder in the blood vessels.

What Kind of Noise Is It?

The noise from tinnitus can also vary in its loudness. It is often much worse when the surrounding noise level is very low, so you can be very aware of it at night when you are trying to sleep in your quiet room. Furthermore, if you go into a sound proof room where you can’t hear the outside noises, you will probably be aware of your tinnitus level.

Does Tinnitus Cause Hearing Loss?

Although the tinnitus condition is often associated with the loss of hearing, it really does not cause the hearing loss, nor does the loss of hearing can cause tinnitus condition. As a matter of fact, those people experiencing tinnitus have no difficulty in hearing at all, and in some few cases, these people even become very sensitive to sounds that they need to take some steps in masking or muffling the external noises.

What are the Causes of Tinnitus?

Some causes of tinnitus are caused by the infections or the blockage in the ears and tinnitus can often disappear or eliminated once the real cause is treated well. However, for most cases, tinnitus continues to exist in a person after the main cause is treated. In this case, it must be treated professionally.

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