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Babymoon Retreat

5 Best Things About a Babymoon Retreat

I hope someday you become the child that is useful to people

By Anna Woodward

Delivering an infant into the world is one of life’s most magical moments and Babymoon can help to set the stage. A Babymoon retreat is a sabbatical for expectant parents from their daily grind in order for them to get ready for their new offspring’s arrival. This isn’t a “how to” class on stocking the layette or toughening up the nipples for breastfeeding. This is about Mom and Dad nurturing themselves and each other in order to be able to nurture their new baby. Here are the 5 best things about the experience:

1)      Setting: These retreats are situated in gorgeous and peaceful environments. For centuries, Feng Shui philosophers have demonstrated the ramifications of one’s environment. Loud, cluttered and chaotic environments invade a person’s core to make them feel agitated and out of sorts. Quiet, beautiful and harmonious locales make a person’s spirit feel rested and at peace. One absorbs their environment and a pregnant woman will pass her feelings on to her unborn child. Peaceful vibes will be sent inward in these awesome settings.

2)      Massage: A massage doesn’t just feel good; it encourages health in one’s body. When a body is stressed, it secretes chemicals such as Cortisol which can build up over time into an unhealthy situation. Cortisol is associated with the “fight or flight” response, which can be a good thing in the case of an emergency. When it’s simply in response to a chaotic lifestyle, however, it can be detrimental. Massage can promote relaxation and the alleviation of toxins from the body. Moms and dads that learn to nurture each other with regular, gentle massages will have a wonderful tool in their relationship toolbox. Both the giver and receiver of touch reap the benefits. Baby will be a positive recipient in utero, as well.

3)      Internal vs. External Gifts: Examples of external gifts are booties, blankets, car seats and teddy bears. These are all necessary and wonderful gifts to provide for a new infant but internal presents are something that can never wear out or be lost. Examples of internal gifts are love, peace, wisdom and experience. Once a person has been given an internal gift, it becomes stored in their DNA. A Babymoon retreat offers a way for both parents to experience love, wisdom and peace which will be tucked away within their core. This will be something that they can share with each other and their precious newborn upon his or her arrival.

4)      Understanding: Expectant and new parents go through stages in feelings as they adjust to their new roles as mothers and fathers. While childbearing and birth can be one of the most joyful experiences of one’s lifetime, it can also be a time of conflicting feelings during the transformation and adjustment period. Babymoon retreats offer guidance for each partner to be able to understand the other’s process. Understanding is one of the best tools for harmony and peace.

5)      Belly Casting Kit: What a miracle it is to see a woman’s belly grow and move during pregnancy, knowing there’s an infant stretching out within. A belly casting kit is a way to preserve the gentle curves of her belly forever. This plaster representation can be painted and decorated by mommy and daddy or girlfriends at the baby shower. The end result is an heirloom that will be treasured for all time, courtesy of Babymoon.