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Product Creation

Info Product Creation Made Easy – Who’s it For?

Diligent reading is the key to the development of knowledge

By Taylor Andrews

When developing an information product, the overwhelming majority of Internet Marketers make one simple, but costly mistake. They pick their ‘Niche’ market, and choose a topic on which to create their product, then, forget about the most fundamental sales skill…Identifying ‘with’ your customer.

Before I go any further, I’d like to point out that Identifying ‘with’ your customer, simply means stepping into their shoes.

Let us take computers as an example. You decide to create a product about setting your computer up with a web cam. The uninformed, might go right ahead and write an e-book using all of the industry ‘jargon’ talking about such things as ISP address’s, Installation to hard drives, and so on.

Think about it though. Who is REALLY going to be interested in buying a product about installing a web cam?

I don’t know about you, but the first prospects that spring to mind are teenagers, and seniors (wanting to be able to contact relatives abroad).

With this in mind, it is time to begin the process of identifying ‘with’ your prospects. To do this requires a little imagination, so here goes:

I want you first to think about who your prospects are (let’s use the above example, and say teens and seniors) picture how they look and dress how do they speak, what is it they want from a web cam?

It will take a few attempts to nail it, but keep trying. Really try to get a handle on what they want from their computer. What is it they use it for most? How much patience are they likely to have?

Having spent some time doing this, I want you to think of another key consideration when creating an Info product, what type of product to create.

Based on what we have above, my immediate response would be to create a ‘step-by-step’ video tutorial which explains in detail “live” how to set up your web cam on your PC.

As I said at the top of this article, this is an old proven sales technique, which just seems to get overlooked by many. This is just one of the many steps and strategies to creating your own Info product, if you want to know more, read on.


WonderFile Review

WonderFile Review – Getting Organized Finally Made Easy?

Fun to your body, make me stimulate

By John Devans

A disorganised mess can cause many problems in your life. Not only does it impede your work flow, it also irritates you immensely. The Wonder File promises to be an efficient panacea for all your organisation problems. It can work wonders for you irrespective of who you are and where you use it- it works equally well for business executives, home makers, students, mothers and even children.

The WonderFile is a portable organiser that is easy and light to carry and looks like a normal folder superficially. But wait till you see what all it has to offer. The WonderFile is collapsible, so once you unfold it completely; it expands in the form of a spreadsheet with many pockets. There are four corner pockets for documents, one central pocket for your laptop or files, and other smaller pockets for important cards.

The best part about the wonder file is that it is highly versatile and can serve many purposes. While it has its obvious benefits for a business professional, it can prove to be equally helpful for a hobbyist as he/she can organise his/her collection, or for young children who can use the WonderFile as their Activity Centre or even craftsmen who can easily store there small tools safely.

So, the next time you have to bring work home from office, you can just slide the files in your WonderFile without having to worry about misplacing or losing them. Even at the workplace, if your things are more organised you are bound to perform better. If you are using he WonderFile at home for storing domestic bills and warranty cards, you can simply slide it in a drawer or a safe.

The WonderFile can also function as an event planner in case you have to organise a big function or even a small party. You can easily keep track of the important contact details and different coupons etc. You don’t have to waste your valuable time trying to find a file or a document.

All in all, the WonderFile can prove to be a godsend if you have to manage thousands of files and documents at your office or home or anywhere else for that matter. It comes in three shades-red black, as an added incentive, you can buy two of these products for the price of one, click here for this special offer. So, hurry and say goodbye to the mess in your daily life!