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Attraction Wisely

Use the Law of Attraction Wisely

Oh … hold good, like a flying

By Deborah Ailman

The Law of Attraction. It’s always working. Whether to bring us good things or bad, it’s there putting in overtime. So if we know that, why don’t we watch our thoughts more carefully?

You walk down the street and you notice another person walking. “Look at her, she looks like she has the I.Q. of a rock!” Was that a nice thing to say? You don’t know a thing about her, and even if you are right, and she isn’t that smart, is that any of your business?

No! And the Universe was right there, noticing your feelings when you said that. Now that didn’t really make you feel good to say something mean like that, did it? Of course not. It most probably made you feel angry, even snub. So guess what you’re getting back, served to you on a silver platter courtesy of the Lae of Attraction-more stuff for you to get angry about!

Being mean, feeling jealous, and getting angry really don’t benefit you. They don’t! These feelings along with a host of other equally negative ones don’t make your life any better. They just close you off and make other people avoid you. They make you lonely and hurt you. So why do you want to cultivate them?

Yeah sure, getting angry sometimes does feel good-for about 2 minutes! After that, you usually feel worse than before you got mad. getting angry just makes you,well, even angrier.

Many people believe that it’s a good thing to blow off steam. Like you’re a valve on a pressure cooker. But last time you looked at yourself, did you look like a pot? Nope, you look like a human being so act like a good one!

Whatever feelings you put out there come right back to you. So think about it. What do you want coming your way? Wouldn’t you prefer happiness, and laughter. How about love and kindness? Sounds good,doesn’t it?

Okay, so you start. Smile at someone today.